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Imagine you had access to a magnificent and inaccessible library of the best drugs on Earth. Beside it, you find a wand that pulls out precise drugs for untreatable diseases like the most devastating and poorly treated cancers. Nature does this every day - Terrapeutics found a way to harness it.

Pipetting Samples

Our Story

Utilizing Nature's Intelligence

Many of the most well-validated and essential potential drug targets remain elusive from synthetic molecule-based drug discovery. These include arguably the most important classes of drug targets, such as protein-protein interactions, (non-steroidal) transcription factors, and other nucleic acid complexes. It is well established that 4 billion years of evolution through interactions enabled soil microorganisms to develop the ability to produce scaffolds that can be utilized as human medications in terms of size and therapeutic characteristics. These scaffolds are not produced as a collaborative effort with the human race but as a means for biological interaction among neighboring microorganisms. Current drug discovery methodologies fail to utilize 99.9% of this promising potential. Terrapeutics has found a way to tap into this huge pool of therapeutic solutions to find molecules that aim at "undruggable" drug targets.  This unique ability has the potential to transform drug discovery. 

Our Innovative Technology

A groundbreaking drug discovery platform

Terrapeutics developed a drug discovery platform that is based on a groundbreaking technology enabling us to go back to the best source of drugs – nature. Nature used to be the most prolific source for therapeutic molecules, but current discovery methods can only utilize a 0.1% fraction of it. We paved the way to look at the staggering 99.9% that is a huge blind spot to most of the pharma industry.  Our technology efficiently screens for drugs against the most challenging targets out there. Our current focus is RAS inhibitors and infectious diseases, with plans to expand to additional drug targets that are considered "undruggable" to date

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"When the soil has been questioned, it will answer"

L' Abbé Jean Cochet (1812-1875)


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